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She's walked in your shoes.

Deanne Healey (aka Dee) has spent the past 20+ years working with and being an advocate for small business owners.  Her journey has taken her from the Fortune 500 world of  the international hotel industry to the local business community.


Along the way Deanne has learned change is the necessary agent for success.  New technology, new distribution channels, new products or services are critical to staying relevant and prosperous.   However, they come with apprehension, a learning curve and perhaps a little bit of stress.

At Sheraton Hotels & Resorts Deanne trained hoteliers across the globe on how to increase revenue from the airline's global distribution systems.  Having spent 16 years as the Executive Director for the Peabody Area Chamber of Commerce, she worked to create opportunities for business owners.  She even spent time in the banking industry, gathering knowledge on business lending programs.

Each of these experiences has provided tremendous opportunity to find ways to help business owners

Deanne is also a huge advocate for the National Main Street model which provides a clear format for a community to help small business owners while working to revitalize their downtown districts.  She lead the way to establish the Peabody Main Street program in Peabody, MA and provides guidance to other communities looking to do the same.

The Main Street program led her to connecting with Jon Schallert and becoming a facilitator of the Destination Creation.  This unique course gives businesses tools they don’t have now to grow their sales and customer traffic.  Deanne is one of just a handful of certified facilitators and the only one in Massachusetts.

​Now Deanne is ready to share her knowledge, expertise and resources with you.


Every journey needs a first step.

Girl Playing with Tablet

Only Certified Facilitator of
Destination Creation in MA

Peabody Person of the Year (2019)

Salem Five Bank
Community Partner of the Year (2019)

YWCA Tribute to Women Recipient (2019)

YMCA Community Champion (2016)

Northeast ARC's Community Partner of the Year (2014)


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