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Destination Creation

Why do some businesses have customers lined up waiting to buy from them and others don't?  How can a business in a town of 15,000 be a multi-million dollar operation?

As a business owner, you are inherently unique. If we dig deep enough you will uncover a singular point of difference that makes your business STAND OUT from the competition.

The Destination Creation course, developed by business guru Jon Schallert, is the result of successful strategies that have helped thousands of business owners like yourself  become 'the one' people want to do business with.   The course is both practical and tactical, covering:

Chapter 1: Becoming a Destination Business
Chapter 2: Your Unique Positioning
Chapter 3: Your Leadership Responsibility
Chapter 4: Targeting Your Most Profitable Customers
Chapter 5: Capturing Consumer and Media Attention
Chapter 6: Creating a Customer-Focused Company
Chapter 7: Marketing Your Destination Business
Chapter 8: Collective Marketing

The course is held over 8 weeks via Zoom from 6:30p-8:30p EST.   This is the opportunity to work ON your business instead of IN your business, plus you'll be able to bounce ideas or learn from other business owners who have been exactly where you are today. 

Ready to jump in?  

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"I have paid for marketing help in the past and got nothing out of it.  The grant was a bonus - the education (course) was priceless."

- R. Danieli, Uplift Provisions Co.

"If you want dedicated time to work ON your business as opposed to IN in your business take this course!  You'll get lots of practical ideas on how to articulate what you do and how to reach the optimal audience for your business."

- S. Jackson, SJC Consulting

"I would suggest absolutely any business owner take this course.  A lot of great marketing information was provided that differs from your everyday marketing strategies."

- L. Bonfanti, Custom Cutting Landscape Service

"You receive a full 360 degree experience of how old meets new (marketing) and how these tactics can push your business to its fullest potential."

- K. Bruno, Gravoc

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